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FAQ vs. Fantasies

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Facts vs. Fantasies  

Under the existing General Plan, less development will occur than under the proposed plan that we will vote on as Measure Y.   In their sample ballot arguments, on their website and in their other literature, Supporters of Measure Y claim that Newport Votes NO is spreading false information and that anyone aware of what Measure Y Supporters call “THE FACTS” would vote “yes.”

Please judge for yourself as to who has “THE FACTS” on their side.
Click here to view or print “FACTS or FANTASIES”.

Speak Up:  Resident comments and quotes about Measure Y

  • Ayres Boyd (Past President, Airport Working Group), September 23
    “If I wanted to live in Miami Beach, I would move there!  It’s a never-ending battle with developers [here].”
    Bob Shelton (Former City Manager and City Council Member), August 18
    “The ballot language describing Measure Y is deceptive. The ballot arguments favoring Measure Y send mixed messages and make dubious promises.  The Measure is unwarranted and should be defeated.”  Read why Bob believes this is so here.
  • Susan Skinner:  Public Comments Video – City Council Meeting, August 12
    “I am intensely frustrated over the so-called impartial ballot statement approved by the Newport Beach City Council.”  Select Item XV and fast forward to 05:40
  • Nancy Skinner:  Public Comments Video – City Council Meeting, August 12
    “We’ve lost something as a City if we can’t be fair and impartial . . . We’ve taken a step back and I’m very disappointed in all of you.” Select Item XV and fast forward to 02:00
  • Resident Comments by Zip Code (SPON Petition to City Council as of July 31)
  • Public Comments:  City Council Meeting, July 22 – Select Item XVIII and fast forward to 28:00
    • Allan Beek“The trouble with the current general plan is that it is working too well . . . If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!”
    • Dennis Baker:  “I have to believe what I see with my eyes . . . traffic backed up through CdM”
  • Public Comments:  City Council Meeting, July 8 –  Select Item XVII and fast forward to 36:30
    • Karen Tringali:  “When did the City of Newport Beach become a developer’s ‘Field of Dreams’?”
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