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  • Visit Newport is already concerned that we look like LA . . . “One of our biggest challenges is that people see us as an extension of LA Neighborhoods . . .”  (Newport Beach Independent 8/15/2014)
  • Uptown Newport Developer has goal of making us look more like LA . . . “The innovative layout [of Uptown Newport], which is the FIRST for Newport Beach . . . mirror[s] the community plans of high-density cities like downtown Los Angeles.” (Newport Beach Magazine 4/6/2014)
  • City Council promises in Measure Y language a traffic reduction derived from estimates and averages in spite of 565,000 square feet of new development in Newport Center . . . “a reduction of an estimated 2,922 average daily vehicle trips.”
  • City Council promises a “Traffic Bypass Analysis if Measure Y passes . . . why do we need a ballot measure to analyze long-standing traffic congestion in our community?
  • City Council is poised to enact a Level 1 Water Restrictions on its residents . . . and yet City Council continues to approve additional development . . . where do you suppose developers’ water comes from?

Do you really want to trust that Measure Y will deliver on its “promises”?

VOTE NO on November 4 and let’s go back to the drawing board and work together on sensible solutions we can all benefit from . . . not just the developers.